Discussion (SPOILERS)- When She Woke by Hillary Jordan

What do you think about melachroming? Do you think it is a realistic alternative to the prison system? What do you think the most common objections to it would be?

Why do you think the first 30 days of incarceration are open to broadcast?

When Hannah goes to The Straight Path Center and saw the job titles, what is the significance of the name Zilpah? Do you think Jordan took full advantage of that detail? If not, to where could that story have led?

Of whom are the Fists of Christ reminiscent? In what ways?

Why do you think only abortion was made illegal? Why not adultery or homosexuality? Do you think the author had an agenda?

Why do you think Jordan turned abortion into a state issue? Since not all states made abortion illegal, why didn’t Hannah just go to a different state? Do you think Jordan gave the reader enough information to answer this question?

Was Hannah’s romantic experience with Simone realistic? Why or why not? Do you think it added to the story in any way? Should it have been left out? Why or why not?

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