REVIEW: Revamp by Beck Sherman (SPOILERS!)


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars, Genre: Vampires, Pages: 477, Level: Easy

Book description from Barnes & Noble:

“FOR THREE DAYS, IT WAS DARK. News reporters scrambled. This was the biggest story to come along in weeks. They called it a blackout. The last one was in New York City in 2003, but this one was different, special, because the grids in six major cities across the country had been fried, kaput, see-you-next-Sunday. Everyone with some jurisdiction blamed each other, and when there was no one left to blame, terrorism rode in on its gallant steed. It was the media’s fault. They were so busy stuffing fanatical Muslims with a penchant for Allah and decapitations down the American citizen’s throat, that they never saw it coming. I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on them. They were partially right. It was terror after all, but a whole new kind. And when the lights came back on, things had changed. The dark had brought us visitors.”

This is a novel about vampires.

I thought I would just get that out of the way even though not knowing what is going on at the very beginning is part of the fun. The beginning is wonderfully scary because it deals with the unknown. Emma is on a plane getting ready to leave and falls asleep. Although there are few people on this flight, when she wakes up, she is alone. She leaves and the terminal is empty, except for abandoned bags. That’s scary.

As the book progresses, she runs into a whacko gynecologist, crows that swoop down and tear flesh from the heads of weirdos and then a group of people who look normal, but are convinced that vampires have taken over the world, sort of like in the movie Daybreakers.

I think if there was more of the solitude that characterized the beginning, like I Am Legend, it would have made for a scarier book. There were also very descriptive portions that lost my interest. The story is a good story, but I think the book could have been about 100 pages shorter, or those 100 pages could have focused on more insight into the vampire culture.

I liked the characters. Sherman did a great job developing them, especially Emma. She is skeptical. She thinks the humans who are trying to convince her that vampires exist are delusional, pulling her leg, something. It isn’t until she sees a vampire with her own eyes that she finally accepts the.

Another thing I liked about the characters is that the vampires were not all magical like in Twilight. Some of them were more attractive than others, just like humans. They didn’t seem to have overly exaggerated super powers, again, like in Twilight. While Revamp doesn’t return all the way back to the original repulsive vampire, he doesn’t present the reader with the seductive, teeny bopper version. Thank you for that.

Finally, I really liked the way the book ended. It seemed a little ironic, given our current political and social issues. Hmmm… again, it was a bit reminiscent of Daybreakers.

So why only the 3 stars? I think because I didn’t get into the story as much as I would have liked. The too many details thing kept bogging me down. I am very happy this was not a series but rather a standalone book; I just wish I had enjoyed it more.

Reviewed by Christina

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