Review: Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery by Deborah & James Howe

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, Genre: Fiction/Children/Vampires, Pages: 128, Level: Easy

Book Description:

“Harold relates the story of how the Monroes find a rabbit at a showing of Dracula. They bring the bunny home and name him Bunnicula. Chester, the cat, soon suspects that Bunnicula is a vampire rabbit and takes it upon himself to rid the house of the cursed bunny. With the reluctant help of Harold ,they torture the rabbit with garlic, and unsuccessfully attempt to pound a raw steak through Bunnicula’s heart. In the end, it is up to Harold to save Bunnicula and calm the nerves of Chester. Bunnicula is a classic that shows no signs of becoming dated.”

The Monroe family comes home one night from the movies with a new pet- a rabbit named Bunnicula. The cat, Chester, is convinced that Bunnicula is a vampire and enlists the help of Harold the dog (the narrator) to dispense with the monster.

This book is hilarious. My daughter and I read it together in one sitting. You may ask, what exactly is a vampire rabbit? A vampire rabbit sucks the juices and color out of vegetables. Of course that will absolutely not do. So Chester tries to drive a steak in Bunnicula’s heart. Yes, you read that correctly- steak. Or to be more precise, a sirloin steak. Wait until you see the pictures. I think the best picture is Chester, wearing a cape, and trying to pantomime a vampire in an attempt to warn the Monroes.

The book is intelligent. I hate when children’s books dumb down the vocabulary, but Bunnicula is not guilty of this. In fact, there were times when I stopped and made sure my daughter understood certain things like blight, class lectures and the Carpathian Mountain region.

We thoroughly enjoyed this book and laughed through most of it. It is a great story and a lot of fun to read aloud together. We will definitely be reading the next books in the series.

Reviewed by Christina


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