Review: Containment (Zombie Undead Apocalypse Book 2) by Sean Schubert

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, Genre: Fiction/Horror/Zombies, Pages: 320, Level: Easy

Book Description:

“Running. Hiding. Surviving.

Anchorage, once Alaska’s largest city, has fallen. Now a threatening maze of death, the city is firmly in the cold grip of a growing zombie horde.

Neil Jordan and Dr. Caldwell lead a small band of desperate survivors- including young Jules and Danny- through the hellish undead maelstrom. With their refuge compromised and behind them, Dr. Caldwell and the others place their faith and their lives squarely in Neil’s hands.

With life and death hanging on every decision, Neil must face each new obstacle without breaking. And the group presses on toward their last hope: that this nightmare has been contained, and there still exists a sane world free of infection.

But to reach it, they must survive and escape… “

In Containment, the second in the Alaskan Undead Apocalypse series, a group of people, including two children, must find their way out of Anchorage. The survivors hope the zombie infection has not spread everywhere and that somewhere, there is a safe place.

The Alaskan Undead Apocalypse series is what you would expect from a good zombie story; it is scary. It almost feels like an old movie, where the blood and gore is not what scares you. What scares you is the suspense of what is waiting behind a closed door, shuffling feet coming from somewhere, an open door that should not be open or several people surrounding one small area that is not clearly visible, slowly stepping forward to see what is there… I learned my lesson with Infection; I did not read Containment at night. In fact, I made sure to have a funny book readily available before bedtime and read a little of that before attempting to go to sleep.

I absolutely love the way Containment begins. I love books or movies that begin with a prologue, which takes place on the opposite side of the planet or in a completely different time period, and then the rest of the book takes place somewhere else (although Containment’s prologue is not quite so drastic). That doesn’t mean it won’t come up again later, but it is not the focal point. I don’t know quite how to explain it, but this aspect comes off a little surreal and creepy. If you have read any of my other reviews, you will know that creepy is good.

Another thing I absolutely adore is the weirdo, religious nut theme. Containment has that as well, and while you have a pretty good idea of what her endgame is, the details remain elusive. Schubert teases the reader with a snippet here or a clue there, but just as the religious nut’s answers to questions are vague, so are the character’s intentions.

Since no book can be perfect, I’ll admit that some characters are better developed than others. <SPOILER>As a result, it was pretty easy to figure out which of the characters were red suits. In addition, many of the departures were a little convenient, i.e. troublemakers. Although, some departures are not necessarily permanent; there is plenty of room for reunions, which may not necessarily be a good thing.</SPOILER> In any event, seeing as how I gave this book 5 stars, it obviously didn’t affect how much I enjoyed this book.

As any lover of zombie themed novels knows, there is an ongoing debate as to zombie speed. I don’t want to get into all the details here, but Schubert does offer a reasonable explanation as to why zombie speed may not be a constant. And this subject actually plays a pretty important part in the story; it’s not a side issue.

I know this sub-genre seems overdone and many will doubt the quality of yet another zombie book, especially when it does not come from one of the biggie publishers, but I am here to tell you that this book is good. Even if you read Infection and thought it was just okay, you may want to give Containment a try. While I thoroughly enjoyed Infection, Containment is definitely better and gets a very enthusiastic recommendation from me for anyone who wants to read a scary, suspense-filled, zombie book.

Reviewed by Christina

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