REVIEW: Nighty Nightmare (Bunnicula #4) by James Howe

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, Genre: Fiction/Children/Vampires, Pages: 144, Level: Easy

Book Description from Barnes & Noble:


Are Harold, Howie, and Chester simply lost in the woods with Dawg, their strange new friend? Or have they been lured away from their campsite intentionally, leaving the Monroes at the mercy of evil spirits with mayhem on their minds? Lulling Dawg to sleep with a bedtime story may be their only hope of escaping- but is the hare-raising tale of the origins of Bunnicula, the vampire bunny, really a bedtime story?

When scary strangers appear at the Monroes’ overnight campsite, Chester the cat tries to convince the family’s two dogs that foul play is intended.”

And the genius of the Bunnicula series continues. I’m not kidding, Howe is a great writer. The book is a children’s book but there is so much adult humor in it. I absolutely love this series, have told many people about it, and when we go visit family for the summer, I intend to read it over again with my daughter and mom this time because I really think she will enjoy it.

The Monroes decide to go camping and take all their pets with them. Seriously, who takes a cat camping? Obviously the Monroes, or else there wouldn’t be a story since Chester is the conspiracy nut. Unfortunately, the Monroes do not really know anything about camping and decide to camp near two men who are reminiscent of some of the characters in the movie Deliverance, along with their dog named Dawg. It’s all in the pronunciation and I found myself easily slipping into a southern accent.

Dawg takes Chester, Harold and Howie on an adventure to find a haunted house in the woods and Chester tells them the story of how Bunnicula came to be a vampire bunny. The story begins in Transylvania at the house of Dr. E.A.D., or Diabolicus, and ends right there in the woods at the old mansion.

Of course the humor continues throughout the book with Howie’s wonderful puns, Chester’s crazy notions and Harold’s happy go lucky personality. Dawg adds a great mystery to the whole story since we don’t know if he is a good or bad character.

While they do not have to be read in order, I do recommend you do so. In addition, I highly recommend the series so far. As I have mentioned in previous reviews, they are great books to read aloud with your kids.

Reviewed by Christina

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