REVIEW: Bunnicula Meets Edgar Allan Crow (Bunnicula #7) by James Howe

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, Genre: Fiction/Children/Vampires, Pages: 160, Level: Easy

Book Description from Barnes & Noble:

“The Monroe house is going mad with excitement. Pete has just won a contest, and the prize is a school visit from none other than M.T. Graves, Pete’s idol and the bestselling author of the FleshCrawlers series. He’s even going to stay with the Monroes while he’s visiting! Harold and Howie are thrilled, but Chester the cat is suspicious. Why does Graves dress all in black? Why doesn’t the beady-eyed crow perched on his shoulder say anything? Why has a threatening flock of crows invaded the backyard? And most worrisome of all: In each of the FleshCrawlers books, why does something bad always happen to the pets? Suddenly, Graves’s interest in all of the animals- especially Bunnicula- looks far from innocent. It’s up to Chester, Harold, and Howie to find out if M.T. Graves and Edgar Allan Crow are really devising a plot to make their beloved bunny… NEVERMORE.”

“Bunnicula is the kind of story that does not age, and in all probability, will never die. Or stay dead, anyway…” Neil Gaiman

“Bunnicula was one funny, scary, must-read vampire bunny when he first showed up. He hasn’t changed a bit. Very scary. Very funny.” Jon Scieszka

“As a kid, I saw the classic movie Dracula and became instantly afraid of vampires. Many years later, I read the classic children’s book Bunnicula. Now- in addition to vampires- I am also afraid of bunnies. I hope you’re happy Jim.” Barbara Park

“James Howe is the king! Bunnicula rules!!!” Dav Pilkey

The above endorsements should give you an idea of how great this book is, as well as the entire series. Pete and Howie’s favorite author, M.T. Graves (get it? empty graves?) is coming to stay with them and then speak at Pete’s school. But he seems to have an odd and disturbing fascination with the Monroes’ pets, especially Bunnicula. Does Mr. Graves have nefarious intents? Of course, Chester thinks so and once again enlists the help of Howard and Howie in uncovering Mr. Graves’ evil plot.

First I would like to make a personal comment. M.T. Graves looks a lot like Neil Gaiman to me. Coincidence? Read the book and you can be the judge.

The last installment of the Bunnicula series was so good. M.T. Graves is a hilarious character. He is overly dramatic, even… when he… speaks. He loves… to make dramatic… pauses. Yeah, it’s pretty funny. And I am only a little bit embarrassed to admit that I looked up M.T. Graves and FleshCrawlers to see if they were really books because they sounded so good. Unfortunately they are not. But they should be. I mean who can resist a book about steel-plated Crypto-Fleas sent from another- well I’m not sure from where because Chester cuts Howie short on that one.

Moving right along… I am sure you will be thrilled to know that the humor continues throughout the book:

“They have plans for him, Harold. They wanted to see if he was as unusual as Pete’s letter made him out to be. That’s why Miles asked for undressed salad to be available at all times and for Bunnicula to be placed in his room.”

Howie began giggling.

“What is so funny?” Chester asked.

“Undressed salad,” Howie said, and the giggling got louder.

Ahh, Howie never gets old. And that is not even the funniest part of the book. Trust me, you’ll be giggling left and right.

Another thing I found myself doing is crying. Yes, you read the correctly. I got all weepy at the end and was a little embarrassed because I have been reading the series aloud with my 9 year old daughter. My voice started cracking and I began to sniffle. What happens at the end, combined with the fact that this is the last in the series, just sent me over the edge. I turned my head in an attempt to hide my teary eyes from my daughter; I think I pulled it off because she didn’t seem to notice, although I did hear a suspicious sniffle or two from her, so maybe she had the same reaction.

As I have previously mentioned, I highly recommend this series; it is a wonderful series to read aloud with your children. It is intelligent and hilarious; my daughter and I frequently laughed out loud. I wish it would have never ended.

I would like to leave you with the following quote that I think sums up the entire series very well:

Did you ever find yourself doing something that, even while you’re doing it, you’re asking yourself, “How did I get myself into this? Have I lost my mind?” Well this was one of those moments.

To answer the questions- all the time…

Reviewed by Christina

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