REVIEW: Eden by David Holley

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars, Genre: Apocalyptic Fiction, Pages: 281, Level: Easy

Book Description from Barnes & Noble:

“After enduring a horrific plane crash, a small group of survivors must work together in order to withstand the harshest conditions imaginable in the remote wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island.

The year is 2022, and their epic journey, fraught with danger and mystery, will alter the course of human history forever.

Led by charismatic Special Forces captain Noah Lockheart and his wife Evelyn, an accomplished scientist, the band of weary travelers must battle the elements along with their fears, as they race toward civilization, and their hope for rescue.

Among the survivors is Mia Sinclair, an extraordinary girl who can glimpse the future. Through their trials, the Lockhearts begin to uncover the girl’s ability in spite of her best efforts to keep it hidden. But even as Mia proves to be an invaluable ally, her gift comes at an unbearable cost.

Each step brings them closer to salvation– and to unraveling the mystery of their abandonment. But just when they think they are saved, they realize that they have never been farther from home.

Eden is a bold, heart-pounding page-turner, told through the seamlessly shifting perspectives of the eccentric band of survivors. As the thriller unfolds, so do the survivors’ inextricable links to one another in a plot rife with twists and turns, till the very end.”

When I first started reading the book, it came across as a wilderness survival type story, even with Mia’s special gift. I usually don’t read those types of books, but I really got into Eden. It was a great story and the whole wilderness survival theme lasts for about 97% of the story. I didn’t get bored once.

I understand how some will immediately find the story corny, implausible, convenient, etc. You have a Special Forces operative, scientist, homeopathic nurse, an architect and a kid who happens to be a pro climber on one plane, not to mention Mia and her special gift. How could this group not survive? Seriously, the deck is completely stacked in their favor.

You’d be surprised. Holley gives a perfectly reasonable explanation as to how all these people happened to be on the same flight. In addition, even though they have amazing skills, it was fascinating how there were circumstances when it did not matter in the least.

I thought the writing was excellent and I had no problem getting into all the characters. I could feel their fear, frustration, pain, suffering and so on. Taking into account the ending of the book, which I will not ruin for you, and assuming Holley maintains the level of writing and character development, I expect to be giving the next book five stars. No pressure…

Reviewed by Christina

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