REVIEW: Beginnings #1: The Silent Victor by Jacqueline Druga

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, Genre: Apocalyptic Fiction, Pages: 224, Level: Easy

Book Description from Amazon:

“In one instance and a single act of terrorism… it’s all over. You can’t see it nor can you smell it. You aren’t even aware that you have taken it in.

In a crowded New York subway a deadly airborne virus has been released. There is no cure. No stopping it. Within twenty-four hours, it will be too late.

The struggle to survive is witnessed through the eyes of a small group of people as they battle an unseen and invincible foe. You will watch as they do, their world and everyone they love, crumble in the devastation of the virus.

Hope, faith and humanity are tested as the silent victor runs its course.

No one said life would be easy.
No one said life would be fair.
No one said life couldn’t end.
With one simple breath of fresh air.”

Wow! This was such a good book! And there are 23 total books in the series as well as 5 sidebar books. Yay! I hope they are all as good as this one.

The Silent Victor is an independently published novel about a flu pandemic that wipes out most of the population and follows a growing group of survivors.

That’s it. Yes, I know it sounds like dozens of other books and movies that have already been written and it seems to be getting old. The flu really does get a bad rap, doesn’t it? And there are 23 books in the main series. Notice I said books and not short stories. I randomly selected a few books and opened them; one was over 400 pages long. Seriously, how long do you think Druga can drag this out? Well if you make the beginnings of the flu drag out for two or three books… But she doesn’t do that! The flu wipes everyone out really fast, definitely well before the end of the book.

This book progresses quickly. Even in the midst of the horror of the pandemic, you still get humor, drama and a love story. There is one character in the book who had me on her side and by the end of the book I disliked her so much I was hoping she would get the flu! That’s good writing.

And there is a plug for the Marine Corps. As a Marine Corps brat and now a Marine Corps spouse, I have to say that the Marine Corps plug really deserves a whole star unto itself! Ooh rah!

Now remember, this is an independently published novel and you are not going to get a perfectly edited novel. On Amazon’s ‘From the Author’ section, Druga writes, “While I have gone through it, I am sure it is not editorially perfect, for that I apologize and will keep trying to find the errors.” So please keep that in mind. However, I honestly think most people will hardly notice any errors; the story is that good.

Anyway, in my humble opinion, the book is well written, the characters well developed and the story is engrossing. I look forward to reading the entire series, especially if Druga can keep this up. If she can, I will be so incredibly happy! I definitely recommend The Silent Victor.

Reviewed by Christina

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