Helping Teachers Rediscover Reading by Margaret Hale

Nerdy Book Club

“Margaret, you keep talking about something called ‘yaw.’ What exactly does that mean?”


When my colleague asked me this question, I didn’t know how to answer her.  I played around with the word ‘yaw’ in my head for a moment as I tried to figure out a response.  Giving up, I finally asked her when I had ever used the word ‘yaw.’


“You use it every time you share book ideas with us to share with our students.  You know, you call them yaw books.”


Then it hit me!  She was taking Y-A and turning it into the word yaw!  Every time I had talked about YA literature, she had morphed it into yaw literature!  I felt bad for assuming she and possibly other colleagues hadn’t understood that the term YA stood for young adult, but I was also saddened at their seeming lack of experience with…

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