Discussion (SPOILERS)- Wool by Hugh Howey

Why is it forbidden to say you want to go outside? Why is it such an extreme offense that it is punishable by certain death?

Why do people get nervous when there has been no cleaner in a long time?

Why are the cleaners tricked into seeing a beautiful world?

Why do the cleaners clean instead of immediately going for the city?

Why do none of the cleaners try to get a message to those inside?

Why does no one watch the cleaners? The book explains that, but do you think that is the real reason?

When people discover the deleted histories, why do you think they continue to delete them?

If the workers know the truth, then why don’t they fix the suits so that they can be removed once outside? Wouldn’t it be more of an incentive to those inside to see the dead bodies and remove any doubt about the conditions outside? Is it possible the powers that be want a little rebellion to foment so they will have cleaners periodically?

Why does everyone panic and worry that the condemned will change his or her mind and not clean?

Would you want to have children under these circumstances, knowing that you would constantly have to remind that child not to talk about going outside, knowing you would live in constant fear of your child saying something that would condemn him or her, knowing the pain you would endure if you lost that child under those circumstances?

Why do no loved ones protest when someone is condemned to go outside? Why doesn’t Halston take his wife and hide? Why doesn’t he go with her when she goes outside?

What do you think would happen if more than one person would be scheduled to go outside at the same time? Do you think they would keep one imprisoned for a couple of years until it was necessary for another cleaning? Why or why not?

Give two reasons as to why the story is titled Wool.

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