REVIEW: Time Warp Trio #8: It’s All Greek to Me by Jon Scieszka

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars, Genre: Fiction, Pages: 80, Level: Easy

Book Description:

“Joe, Fred, and Sam are about to go on stage in their school play about Greek myths when Fred’s lightning bolt accidentally knocks their script into The Book (the magic one, that is). Wouldn’t you know it, they get warped back to Mount Olympus- and land in the middle of a feud between the gods and goddesses and the monsters of ancient Greece. Even though Sam’s snappy insults get them invited over for nectar and ambrosia, and Joe’s magic tricks wow the crowd, the boys know they’d better get home before their odyssey turns into a Greek tragedy…”

The eighth installment sends Joe, Fred and Sam to Mount Olympus where they meet the Greek gods as well as some of their evil counterparts.

It’s All Greek to Me brings me back to the three star rating. As with the predecessors, the book is a quick and entertaining read. However, having studied a bit of Greek Mythology, it would have been nice for the gods to be a little more in character rather than silly like the characters in the boys’ play. However, this series is aimed toward young boys so I guess that has a little to do with why Sciezska wrote it this way.

I recommend this book and entire series to those who want something that is fun to read and can be completed in one sitting. Even if you only read a few chapters at a time, there is a lot of humor, sarcasm, joking, etc. that it makes for wonderfully lively reading with many opportunities for varying intonation and voices, if you are feeling particularly dramatic.

Reviewed by Christina


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