Guilt Trip: Accepting My Reading Slump by Donalyn Miller

Nerdy Book Club

I pack books in my suitcase before packing clothes. I share book recommendations in my email signature. Every place I inhabit—my car, my classroom, and every room of our house—overflows with books. I talk about books and reading with anyone who will listen (and probably a few people who wish I would stop). I am well-known as a reader and reading teacher. As Chris Lehman said in this blog post last year, “…when you think ‘Donalyn Miller’ you instantly think reading.” My husband, Don, and our daughter, Sarah, read. My students read. All of my friends read. I am not interesting when talking with nonreaders. My conversational oeuvre beyond reading is limited to weather, the sequester, and why the Cowboys should get rid of Tony Romo. Reading touches every aspect of my personal and professional life. That’s why my recent reading slump saddens me. I haven’t enjoyed reading lately.

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