Free eBooks for Kindle, May 15, 2013

Since it has become too much work to keep a current page of free eBooks, let’s try something different. When I get the chance, I will list free eBooks in a post. Sometimes they will be repeats and obviously many will expire. In addition, I will not include pictures. But this will make it easier for me because I won’t have to go back, check the status of books and then delete expired offers. So here we go!

Action/ Adventure


Eden #1: Eden by David Holley- READ MY REVIEW

Level Zero by Jaron Lee Knuth

Biography/ Memoir



Immersion: Live the Life God Envisioned for You by Mark McNees



The Vitalis Chronicles #1: White Shores and The Vitalis Chronicles #2: Tomb of the Relequim by Jay Swanson

General Fiction

All Things Different by Shawn Underhill

Dream Keeper by Vickie Hollar

Lila Blue by Annie Katz

Shades of Gray by Andy Holloman

When You Were Older by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Historical Fiction




Japanese Takeout (Blood, Tech, and Tears) by Quintas Ryan

Voodoo or Die (Mojo, Louisiana humorous mystery series #2) by Stephanie Bond

Who, what, where, when, die (An Avery Shaw Mystery) by Amanda M. Lee

Non-Fiction/ Self-Help

Purple Leaves, Red Cherries by Tania Elfersy

Paranormal Romance


Bittersweet by Noelle Adams

Ravens Deep by Jane Jordan

Sapphire Universe (The Universe Series) by Devon Herrera

Sweet Seduction Sacrifice by Nicola Claire

Science Fiction



Enoch’s Device by Joseph Finley

Guarded Secrets by Dixie Land





Don’t forget to check Amazon’s top 100 free bestsellers list. Sometimes bestsellers are on the left and free bestsellers are on the right. Sometimes there are two tabs. Make sure you are on the ‘free’ tab.

This list is collected from the following websites. Visit them to find many, many more free eBooks!

Amazon, BookBub, Books on the Knob, Free Fantasy Book, Free Kindle PostApoc, Free Kindle eBooks, Goodreads, Kindle Social, World Literary Cafe, eReader Perks, FreeReadFeed,

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