Nook Free Friday, May 24, 2013

This week’s Free Friday Nookbook is-

Head to Head by Linda Ladd


With Every Turn In The Case…

After moving from Los Angeles to Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, homicide detective Claire Morgan has at last adjusted to the peaceful rhythms of rural life. Until a grisly celebrity murder at an ultra-exclusive “wellness” resort shatters a quiet summer morning…

With Every Twist Of The Mind…

One of Dr. Nicholas Black’s high-profile clients, a beautiful young soap opera star, has been found dead, taped to a chair at a fully set table… submerged in the lake. Back in L.A., Claire investigated the rich, famous, and the deadly- but she never expected the problems of the privileged to follow her to this sleepy small town. Just as she never imagined crossing the line with her prime suspect…

With Every Beat Of The Heart…

Immersed in the case, Claire finds herself drawn to the charismatic doctor, spending more and more time in his company- and in his bed. Now, to catch a killer, Claire will have to enter the darkest recesses of the human mind. But is Black leading her there to help her… or luring her ever deeper into a madman’s grip?

Head To Head


Animal Park Tycoon

This application is recommended for ages 7+.

Animal Park Tycoon is part of the Free App Friday promotion on Barnes & Noble. Dont miss out this offer available for a LIMITED TIME and create the most fabulous zoo of all time!

Lion, gorilla, zebra, unicorn As an animal lover, have you always dreamt of building your own zoo where your cute little creatures would live? Animal Park Tycoon offers you an empty plot to create the most fabulous and attractive zoo.

Discover new creatures and collect legendary species to make your animal park unique and famous. Its up to you to manage your zoos reputation and attractiveness: keep your animals happy and healthy and decorate your zoo with exotic trees and beautiful flowers. This will convince visitors around the world and even your friends to come visit.

Key Features:

Collect and manage up to 15 species of animals and unlock new ones to bring diversity to your zoo.

Play in 6 different environments: plain, savanna, polar, mountain, jungle and swamp.

Unlock 2 legendary creatures to grow the fame of your zoo: the unicorn and the cthulhu!

Enjoy mini-games like animal races and the Lost & Found child game to get exclusive rewards.

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