Free eBooks for Kindle, May 29, 2013

Since it has become too much work to keep a current page of free eBooks, let’s try something different. When I get the chance, I will list free eBooks in a post. Sometimes they will be repeats and obviously many will expire. In addition, I will not include pictures. But this will make it easier for me because I won’t have to go back, check the status of books and then delete expired offers. So here we go!

Action/ Adventure


Biography/ Memoir

Wing Wife: How to Be Married to a Marine Fighter Pilot by Marcia J. Sargent



Lily (Song of the River) by Aaron McCarver

Noah Primeval (Chronicles of the Nephilim Book 1) by Brian Godawa



Angelfire: an Epic/Urban Fantasy (Dark Angel #1) by Hanna Peach

City of Blaze (The Fireblade Array) by H.O. Charles

Dark Moonlighting by Scott Haworth

Defender: The Sanctuary Series, Volume One by Robert J. Crane

Dragons of Thuisland: Emmye’s Way by Jan Mertzman

Escape of Princess Madeline (The) by Kirstin Pulioff

Preordained 1: Preordained, Preordained 2: Predestined and Preordained 3: Avowed by Kelly Libsack

Soul Seeker (The World of Lasniniar Book 1) by Jacquelyn Smith

General Fiction

Last Bad Job (The) by Colin Dodds

Montana Women by Toni Volk

Historical Fiction

Time After Time- Volume One in the Pastmaster Series by Allen Appel


Haunted House by Jack Kilborn



Bard’s Daughter (A Gareth and Gwen Medieval Mystery) by Sarah Woodbury

Conrad Assignment (The) by Bradley Bell

Crimson Ice by Joanne Weck

Destruction of Evidence (The) (Trevor Joseph Detective series) by Katherine John

Jackrabbit Junction Jitters (Jackrabbit Junction Humorous Mystery Series #2) by Ann Charles

Witness Above (A) (Frank Pavlicek Mystery Series, Book 1) by Andy Straka

Non-Fiction/ Self-Help

Family Man: The Art of Surviving Domestic Tranquility by Rob Jenkins

Paranormal Romance

Descension (The Mystic Series) by B.C. Burgess

Somewhere in Time (The Crosse Harbor Time Travel Trilogy) by Barbara Bretton


Millionaire Tempted Fate (The): A Novella (Sweet and Savory Romances) by Shirley Jump

Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits (Austen Takes the South) by Mary Jane Hathaway

Take a Deep Breath (Lake of the Pines) by Shar Dimick

Science Fiction

Forbidden The Stars (The Interstellar Age Book 1) by Valmore Daniels



Tarnished Knight (London Steampunk) by Bec McMaster


Billy Christ by Michael Cameron

My Temporary Life (My Temporary Life Trilogy) by Marin Crosbie

Prophet Motive (The): A Cult Thriller by Eric Christopherson


Bloodstorm (Heart of a Vampire 1) by Amber Kallyn




Don’t forget to check Amazon’s top 100 free bestsellers list. Sometimes bestsellers are on the left and free bestsellers are on the right. Sometimes there are two tabs. Make sure you are on the ‘free’ tab.

This list is collected from the following websites. Visit them to find many, many more free eBooks!

Amazon, BookBub, Books on the Knob, Free Fantasy Book, Free Kindle PostApoc, Free Kindle eBooks, Goodreads, Kindle Social, World Literary Cafe, eReader Perks, FreeReadFeed,

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