REVIEW: Emmy and the Home for Troubled Girls (Emmy #2) by Lynne Jonell

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars, Genre: Children’s Fiction, Pages: 368, Reading Level: Easy

Book Description from Barnes & Noble:

“Emmy Addison is an ordinary girl- almost. If you don’t count the fact that her parents are rich (very), her best friend is a boy (and a soccer star), and she can talk to rodents (and they talk back), she’s very ordinary indeed. But she hasn’t been that way for long…

It was only a few weeks ago that Emmy and her friends Ratty and Joe got rid of the evil Miss Barmy, the nanny who had nearly ruined Emmy’s life- and the lives of five other girls who went missing. Miss Barmy is now a rat. How much harm can she do?”

Again… Eh.

In the second of the trilogy, Emmy discovers that the girls who appear on Miss Barmy’s cane may actually be alive, but she wants a normal life with friends her age now that Miss Barmy’s spells are not keeping others from noticing her anymore. Emmy is torn between being a normal young lady and helping her animal friends as well as the missing girls. And is Miss Barmy becoming good? Emmy doesn’t think so but almost everyone else does and Emmy tries desperately to convince them it is all an act.

As with the first in the trilogy, my daughter really enjoyed it and looked forward to reading every night. On the other hand, I found it just as bland as the first. It was not bad; it just wasn’t all that great. If my daughter had not wanted to read it, I probably would have stopped with book one.

One of the problems I had with Troubled Girls is that Emmy is a real brat. I can understand her wanting to be a normal girl, but she behaves so badly and her constant attitude and lip just made me want to smack her. You can think that about fictional characters so nobody call CPS on me. I think there could have been a better way of portraying this conflict.

In short, it wasn’t a waste of time but there are more interesting books to read with your kids.

Reviewed by Christina

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