Free on Kindle: The Execution by Sharon Cramer

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The Execution is a love story–a gripping thriller, soft history set in the fourteenth century. It has strong elements of romance, and intrigue. This book will propel you along in ways you’ve never experienced as you follow two parallel stories that come crashing together in a stunning finale. Award winning author, Sharon Cramer, will break your heart beautifully as she compels you to recall what true hate and perfect love truly feel like.

When the young priest, D’ata, faces the killer to be executed the next morning, all is not as it seems, and things quickly crash out of control for both of them. Set in fourteenth century France, it is an epic, two-sided tale. Woven amidst the cataclysms of that magnificent and wretched time, two men tell the astonishing stories of their lives, then face daybreak together.

WARNING: Graphic Violence, Sexuality, Mature Adult Situations

Professionally Edited-Full Novel @ 122,630 words/359 pages

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