REVIEW: Zom-B #6: Gladiator by Darren Shan


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, Genre: Fiction/ Zombies, Pages: 160, Reading Level: Easy

Book Description:

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, B Smith has decided to live- and to fight for good as long as possible. However, London is overridden with the brain-eating undead and swarming with human mercenaries whose sense of right and wrong dissolved when society did. When they lay a trap, B is captured. And it’ll take dozens of battles- and the fight of a lifetime- to escape.

Filled with gripping, bloody action sequences, the sixth book in Darren Shan’s horrifying Zom-B series promises the fright- and the fight- of your life.

Just when you thought Darren Shan couldn’t possibly think up of anyone creepier than the clown, enter Dan Dan. Okay, maybe it would have been creepier if Dan Dan also happened to be a clown, but trust me, I wouldn’t want to run into Dan Dan in broad daylight in the middle of a crowded street, much less a dark alleyway.

Gladiator explores the point of having friends during a zombie apocalypse. We’re not talking allies; we’re talking friends about whom you truly care. Is there any point? They’re just going to get killed eventually and lifespans do tend to plummet under these circumstances. In addition, you will see a couple of situations in which a character must choose between the lesser of two evils. That’s always an interesting character study- What would your decision be if all options were bad options?

As always, there is plenty of zombie gore. And as always, I absolutely recommend this series to anyone who enjoys zombie books. This series is a quick read. For those of you who do not have kids at home because the schools keep cancelling due to snow or cold weather, each book can be finished in one sitting.

Reviewed by Christina
January 22, 2014

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