REVIEW: Freedom, Spiced and Drunk (Stories of the Jokka) by M.C.A. Hogarth

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars, Genre: Science Fiction, Pages: 14, Level: Easy

Book Description:

Kediil wants only to remain neuter and learn the secrets of herbs from its beloved Mardin… but at its second puberty, it turns female, and is forced to decide between accepting its new roles among the family… or something unspeakable.

A little weird…

Freedom isn’t bad… per se… The editing is good, not a lot of typos or grammatical errors. I guess it’s just that it felt more like a teaser trailer than a short story. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that as long as it captivates you so much you can’t help but read more written by the author. I am not yet sure I will; I’m still thinking about it.

I like the world created by Hogarth, with the three genders. That’s seems to be rare in literature, maybe because it is difficult for us to imagine. I like that characters can change gender. That’s an interesting twist.

The problem I had with Freedom is that while it left the reader with unanswered questions, there were so many it may actually repel some. Why do the males and females lose their memory? Where are they? How do ‘people’ with no gender have sex and orgasms? Yeah, like you weren’t thinking that.

Anyway, it was interesting, just not spectacular. Do I recommend it? If you are a brave soul, are willing to read independent authors and enjoy short stories- sure, give it a try. It’s fourteen pages long. What do you have to lose? 10 minutes?

Reviewed by Christina
March 17, 2014

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