Review: The Walking Dead, Volume 20: All Out War, Part 1 by Robert Kirkman

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars, Genre: Graphic Novel/ Zombies, Pages: 136, Level: Easy

Description from Barnes & Noble:

The biggest storyline in Walking Dead history starts here! It’s Rick versus Negan with a little help from everyone else!

All Out War, Part 1, relays Rick’s continuing struggle against Negan. Rick has organized an all out war against Negan by combining the efforts of several communities. Finally, Rick makes the first move.

It is interesting to see Rick as the leader of a large group of people representing different communities. Carl has really developed into a strong character. Finally, it was nice to see a couple of characters really step up during this episode.

As always, don’t expect everyone to make it out alive in part 1. It’s difficult to say whether or not main characters are killed off because the definition of main characters seems to change as main characters are kiled off. Bottom line, if you have any favorites, make peace with their imminent demise. More than once during this series I have screamed at my book.

Sweet dreams…

Reviewed by Christina
April 3, 2014

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