I’m working on them; I promise…

Sorry for slacking! Due to a pinched nerve or something, I haven’t been able to sit at a desk with my computer. But I am much better now so I am going to do my best to start catching up. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed my growing ‘pending reviews’ list; if you haven’t, don’t look!

Although there is one book that will probably remain on that list for a long time- A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr. Have you ever read a book and when you were done thought, “Huh. I don’t know what I think about what I just read”? Canticle was one. I don’t even know how many stars to give it. I am stuck somewhere from three to five. That’s a pretty big difference. Maybe I should give it five because months later I’m still thinking about it.

Anyway, thanks for your patience.

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