REVIEW: The Darkness by W.J. Lundy

The Darkness

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars, Genre: Science Fiction, Pages: 253, Level: Easy

Book Description:

The Darkness is a fast-paced story of survival that brings the apocalypse to Main Street USA.

While the world falls apart, Jacob Anderson barricades his family behind locked doors. News reports tell of civil unrest in the streets, murders, and disappearances; citizens are warned to remain behind locked doors. When Jacob becomes witness to horrible events and the alarming actions of his neighbors, he and his family realize everything is far worse than being reported.

Every father’s nightmare comes true as Jacob’s normal life- and a promise to protect his family- is torn apart.

From the Best Selling Author of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot comes a new telling of Armageddon.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I stopped reading at about 100 pages.

I hate giving bad reviews, especially if I don’t finish the book, but I do think it’s important to explain why I gave up.

The biggest sin for me is to bore the reader. Unfortunately, I was bored. In all fairness, maybe something spectacular happens in the last half but I couldn’t muster enough interest to get there. There is so much hiding out, sneaking around, sitting around… Maybe that’s what would happen in real life, but it hardly makes for a good story. I wasn’t even curious enough about who the bad guys were to push through to the end; someone in the book group was kind enough to fill me in.

Although I have heard good things about his Whiskey Tango Foxtrot series, I am not likely to read them anytime soon- one of the unfortunate consequences of disliking the first book a reader tries by an author. So if you are interested in giving Lundy’s books a try, I recommend you do not begin with The Darkness.

Reviewed by Christina
June 3, 2015

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