I will consider requests to review fiction novels. I will not accept requests to review non-fiction, poetry, biographies, memoirs, romance, erotica or self-help. My favorite genres and topics are: dystopian fiction, science fiction, apocalyptic fiction, vampires, ZOMBIES, weirdo religious themes, some fantasy, some horror and some historical fiction.

I am on a budget, so price will be a factor and I may turn down requests because of that. I will accept free copies of novels in exchange for an honest review and will note that at the beginning of the review. If I agree to review your novel, I will give an honest review. I review based on how much I enjoyed the book. I use Goodreads’ five star rating system. If your novel receives a 3, 4 or 5 star rating, I will post the review to my blog, Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If I purchase it from or you give me a coupon code for Smashwords, I will also post the review there. If your novel receives a 1 or 2 star rating, I will not post the review at all; in that event, I will email you my feedback.

My reviews are my opinion. If you submit a request, it is with the understanding that you will not argue points in my review or try to justify anything I critiqued.

I do not guarantee a deadline for any review. It could be a long time before I read your novel.

If at any point before I begin reading your work you change your mind, please let me know immediately and I will remove your work from my list.

I will politely let you know if your novel is not up my alley.

I prefer .epub format, although I can read .pdf and Kindle formats. At this time, I will only accept eBooks and not hard copies.

If the eBook is not DRM protected, rest assured that I will not share it.

If you send a copy of your novel with your request, that does not mean I agree to review it.

Whew! That’s a lot. If you agree to the above, please email your request to me at with the title, author, description of the novel and whether you will be providing me with a free copy or I will be expected to purchase it.

Note: I am not a professional reviewer. I do not get paid to review books.

2 thoughts on “Requests

    • It’s on my list. If you scroll down and look on the right, it’s on there. There may be one book I have to add before yours if my name comes up on the library hold list since I can’t renew a book that has a waiting list. I look forward to reading it!

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