– Book Discussion

These are questions I think would be interesting to address in a discussion. Please feel free to answer any or all in the comments section of each individual book discussion post.

Adams, John & Abigail- My Dearest Friend

Blume, Judy- In the Unlikely Event

Brosh, Allie- Hyperbole and a Half

Burpo, Todd- Heaven is for Real

Gaiman, Neil- Ocean at the End of the Lane (The)

Hoover, Colleen- Confess

Howey, Hugh- Silo #1: Wool

Jordan, Hillary- When She Woke

Maguire, Gregory- Wicked Years #1: Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Marion, Isaac- Warm Bodies #1: Warm Bodies

Martin, Wednesday- Primates of Park Avenue

Moriarty, Liane- What Alice Forgot

Pierce, Monica Enderle- Girl Under Glass

Scalzi, John- Old Man’s War #1: Old Man’s War

Skloot, Rebecca- Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (The)

Sparks, Nicholas- Choice (The)

Spinelli, Jerry- Stargirl

Weir, Andy- Martian (The)

One thought on “– Book Discussion

  1. Christina,

    I just finish this book called LEO by Mia, Sheridan
    It was fanatics, it has passion, LOTS OF SEX.. And it has a really good story line.It is will make you car in parts. U have to recommend it!! LEO and EVIE childhood love story is filled with so much depth. Then 10 years later she is making a life with for herself the best she can. Then comes JAKE! They have this wonderful connection.. Something stir’s in her. But will his lie destroy her or will they have a happy ever after!!


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