Discussion (SPOILERS)- Confess by Colleen Hoover

Did you buy the whole love scene at the beginning between Auburn and Adam? Were you skeptical because they were so young? Explain.

When Auburn discovered she was pregnant, do you think there were other options she could have considered that would have allowed her to keep her son? What else could she have done?

Did you buy the instant attraction Auburn had for Owen? Explain.

Owen had many ex-girlfriends. He claimed it was because he couldn’t stand them. Is it believable that after all those failed relationships he falls so in love with Auburn in such a short period of time that he can remain faithful to her? Or do you believe he has always been in love with her?

Was Auburn’s character too passive? Do you think her loss of Adam and then giving away her son made her this passive? Or do you think her character was overly passive, a fault of the author?

What did you think of the concept of painting confessions? Did you think it was gimmicky? Or depressing? Or exploitative?

Would you ever submit an anonymous confession? Do you think doing so could be cleansing? If someone painted your confession, would you want that painting?

What do you think motivated Lydia to treat Auburn so poorly? Even though she kept her word to Auburn, which she legally did not have to do, what benefit did Lydia receive from treating Auburn the way she did?

Did you get the impression that Trey was angry at Adam? If so, why? Was Trey just a stereotypical abuser? Or was he that way only with Auburn? If so, why? Could he have been taking out his anger on Auburn because he couldn’t take it out on Adam?

Did you get the impression that Lydia knew about Trey’s bad behavior? If so, why did she look the other way?

Do you think books like Confess give young, inexperienced women unrealistic expectations as to what a relationship is? Explain using specific examples from Confess.

Since Adam was dead, why didn’t Owen tell Auburn that he painted the picture in her home? Owen’s paintings are unique. Do you find it plausible that Auburn didn’t recognize immediately that Owen had painted it?

I smile and run my thumb over the letters in her middle name. “We have the same middle name.”
I look back up at Adam, and he’s lowering his bed again with a faint smile on his face. “That could be fate, you know.”
I shake my head, dismissing his comment. “I’m pretty sure she’s your fate. Not mine.”
His voice is strained, and it takes a tremendous amount of effort for him to roll onto his side. He closes his eyes and says, “Hopefully she has more than one fate, Owen.”
Do you think Adam is right? Why did Owen decide to let Auburn come to him by chance? If Adam had brought them together, why wouldn’t that have been fate? Does fate always have to be under happy circumstances?

What the hell am I doing? I don’t do this kind of thing. I don’t invite guys into my home. Texas is turning me into a whore.
What did you think about this quote? Is it slut shaming? Do you think this is a woman’s fantasy- being an innocent virgin or inexperienced woman who falls in love with an experienced man who forsakes his many exes to only be with her?

Did you think the suspense of his big secret was worth the build up? Were you expecting something more dramatic, like he was the drunk driver?

What did you think about Emory? Do you think Emory’s strength of character emphasized Auburn’s weakness?

Did you think the ending was rushed? What else would you have liked to see in the last chapter?

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